UB in the News


Futurity featured research conducted by Melanie Green on the dynamics of people and perception when it comes to messaging despite the conclusion of credible experts. Storytelling is the key in building trust. 


Reuters article quotes Erin Hatton about the dangers the coronavirus poses to gig economy workers. 


On the documentary video news channel BBC Reel, Omer Gokcumen was interviewed about the unintended consequences of the Neolithic period, which was the last stage of the Stone Age. 


CBC Radio’s “Ontario Morning” show previews Super Tuesday with Antoine Yoshinaka.  There are 14 states hosting Democratic primaries on Tuesday, making it one of the biggest days on the U.S. political calendar. 



The Christian Science Monitor interviewed Erin Hatton on the subject of parents using car-sharing apps to shuttle their children around.


UB researcher Qiaoqiang Gan speaks to Scientific American about an exciting new idea to make efficient—and colorful—cooling materials


Architect Magazine interviewed Nicholas Rajkovich in a story about how shifts in extreme weather conditions could impact the built environment. 


Good Morning America interviews Vanessa Barnabei, about women turning to doctors on TikTok for health information. 


An article in The Buffalo News quotes Timothy Murphy about how the grant will help UB improve medical care in Buffalo and beyond.


An article in Yahoo News quotes Jim Campbell about how the "tide" of the U.S. presidential election could be turning for "leftists." 

UB faculty frequently offer expert perspectives on issues that are part of the current public discourse, including ones that may be perceived as controversial. It is our belief—and at the core of UB’s academic mission—that constructive, thoughtful dialogue fosters a better understanding of our world. Thus, we openly share these perspectives.